Social Media Marketing Services

When it comes to online marketing, social media is potentially one of the most familiar platforms that IMI Vegas utilizes.  Social Media Marketing, however; involves much more than just tweeting, pinning and likes.  An effectively managed social media campaign can not only increase brand awareness, but it can also help to support all other facets of online marketing such as PR, content marketing and SEO.  IMI Vegas has a team of social media experts that go to great lengths to work with clients to formulate a campaign strategy that increases interaction across all engaged social platforms.

Much of the initial engagement for social media revolves around our experts getting to understand your industry.  This is a very formal process that consists of an in-depth discovery period that includes targeting your brand’s target audience and business goals.  Our top social media professionals will then develop a content strategy for your brand that takes care to represent your image in the best way possible while also building and providing engagement with your audience.

With an in-house social media team, headed by Social Media Director Carrie Peterson, our digital agency is committed to creating strategic social media plans that are cohesive with your marketing and branding efforts, and ultimately, help identify and cultivate lasting brand advocates.By building custom branded Facebook landing tabs and pages, YouTube channels and twitter skins, the IMI team will work with you to create polished, professional pages that are seamless with current marketing initiatives and collateral, giving clients a leg up on the competition.  We also have the capability to build exciting custom Facebook and Mobile applications to support your social media campaigns and engage your audience.At Internet Marketing, Inc. we provide customized social media strategic packages and plans that range from consulting with your team, to full campaign and channel management.  The packages are designed to encourage the client to make the commitment to ultimately, improve brand exposure on the social web.
Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Before any implementation is applied, the team at IMI Vegas does an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape to gain a better understanding of what is working and not working for other companies within the same industry on social media.  Our experts then construct a strategy to increase user engagement and brand awareness with creative and compelling content that represents the client in the best way for its selected target audience.

Social SEO Services

In today’s digital marketing industry, social media marketing and SEO are becoming more and more dependent on one another to create the best chance for online success.  One of the most effective strategies for increased interaction online is content marketing, and it is also one of the best examples of how social and SEO work so well together.  IMI Vegas has blended Social SEO packages for companies that wish to take advantage of the benefits that the synergy of combining social media and SEO strategies creates.

Social Media Marketing Packages

At IMI Vegas, we have a selection of social media packages that tailor to the needs of all small and medium-sized businesses.  For companies that already have an in-house strategy or social media management team, our experts can craft a custom consulting package to help you take you engagement to the next level.