Website Design & Development

One of the fundamental elements of creating any successful online marketing campaigns is the ability to engage the user and to convert traffic.  The combined efforts of all other facets of online marketing can be greatly hindered if a site is not set up for a campaign to have success.  At IMI Vegas, we create websites with constant input during the process from team leaders in each field to ensure that our client’s sites are attractive and user-friendly, while also servicing the current or future goals of SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Understanding the impact that the look and feel of a site can have on the user experience is why the team at IMI Vegas works together so closely on this project.  Our experienced team provides effective solutions for driving traffic to a site that is poorly designed and optimized by another company.  When we are responsible for creating a site for our clients, however; we go into the process understanding the impact that our efforts could have on ours and our client’s future success.

Website Design & Development

The Importance of a Quality On-Site Experience

Your website is the principle tool in defining you brand image to your audience.  Creating a site that engages users and provides them with a great user experience will increase the chances of converting the leads that you are receiving from all other online marketing efforts.  IMI Vegas has a rich history of building and launching brand new sites in addition to redesigning an older site to give it a fresh look and feel.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization involves doing an in-depth analysis of the user experience of a site to determine and implement a strategy that is focused on increasing the conversion rate for a site.  This can be a useful tool for both B2B and B2C businesses and is applicable for all types of call to action requests.