Gower and Bluck


Gower and Bluck desired a complete refresh of their online presence. They chose to work with IMI Vegas because in addition to a full website redesign and redevelopment, Gower and Bluck required SEO services, as well as management and improvement of their primary online lead generation source, pay-per-click (PPC).


Increase website traffic and conversions with a fully researched and focused PPC campaign.


IMI Vegas assumed control of their existing campaign and studied the results intensively to identify opportunities for improvement. We noted the best and worst performing keywords and ads, then overhauled the campaign to drive the highest quality leads at the lowest possible cost per lead.

Gower and Bluck


  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) has decreased by 750% from $150 to a stabilized cost below $20 per lead.
  • In one month, IMI Vegas recorded 100 phone conversions from PPC ads – not including web-based conversions.

* IMI Vegas also provides SEO and web maintenance for Gower and Bluck.