Carlton Crest


Carlton Crest, a new condominium development in Hollywood, California, came to IMI Vegas to develop an online marketing strategy that would increase the number of leads and sell all of their condominiums.


The goal for the campaign was to get quality leads via the internet so Carlton Crest could sell all of the condos in their new development.


IMI Vegas developed a strategy to use paid search advertising to track leads and convert them into new condo buyers. The strategy included a keyword research phase to determine the best converting words or phrases in the highly competitive Los Angeles market.

  • Advanced Keyword Research and Strategy
  • Creation of Landing Page
  • Paid search campaign strategy and execution


Carlton Crest


Six months into the campaign, the PPC campaign has resulted in a high ROI.

  • Two $400,000+ condo sales can be attributed to online leads
  • 2,126 clicks in a month and a half with a Click-through-rate of 1.48% at a Cost-per-click of $1.65
  • ROI: Nearly $800,000 in sales with a $20,000 marketing investment