What Do You Do All Day?

Justin Cohen

People ask me all the time what I do all day.  In general, I give a different response based on the audience or individual asking.

The reality is that I spend almost every day talking to business owners and managers about how to grow their businesses.


Some of the business types I’ve met with over the last few days:

  • National Apartment Rental
  • Ballet
  • Bakery
  • Local’s Casino
  • Recruiting / Staffing Firm
  • Single Family Home Leasing
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Costume Shop


At the core of what we do at IMI Vegas is understanding how a business works.

In order to identify, target and convert the right customers for a business, you have to start with:

  • What core value proposition(s) does the business provide?
  • How does the business differentiate from its competition?
  • Who is the competition and what do they do well?


If you take the list of businesses above and the questions I just covered you will get a pretty good understanding of what I do.

I help people uncover what about their business is special, unique and worth shouting and then work with them to translate it into effective digital marketing.

You might ask yourself, “Why does Justin do that all day? – I’ll tell you why.

It is for the wins and the moments. When we get a call that a business signed their biggest client yet from an organic web lead, had a record month in revenue, or just cracked the Top 10 Vegas Attractions on TripAdvisor, it makes the thousands of conversations I have with businesses each year worthwhile.

I enjoy growing businesses and creating lasting relationships. Can you think of a better way for me to spend my day?


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