Top 5 Mistakes that Businesses Make on Social Media

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photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa via photopin cc

It is becoming clear that every company needs to embrace social media. Between people “Facebooking” on their phone, tweeting everything they do, and posting pictures of their meals on Instagram. Social channels are where your customers are. Social media seems pretty easy and in many ways it is but, many business owners do not realize that it is not the same as a website or a print ad. So as you start to work on starting social feeds for your business be sure not to make these common mistakes.

1.  Selling too much

This is by far the biggest mistake businesses make on social channels. Think about it, who would be interested in following a feed that just posts ads, commercials and is pitching for your business all the time? Well, no one. Post content that is compelling, interesting and makes people want to follow you and keep following you.

 2.  Only posting big events

Your followers want to get to know you. That is what social media is all about, so let them. You might think it is boring or insignificant but, to your fans, it isn’t. Proof? On social feeds, they update the world from everything to dinner, cleaning the bathroom, or driving home from work. Your feeds need to reflect these everyday things. See a bird on your window sill? Take a picture and post it. Does your boss bring his pooch to work and makes her do does silly tricks? Take a picture and post it. Does one of your coworkers have a special talent? Share a video, or picture. It is all relevant.

3.  Not posting consistently

Many businesses get excited about posting stuff, then stop, then post again when they have something. This just doesn’t work.  Particularly in Facebook, you just won’t get seen and people will forget about you. There are many software packages that help you consistently post content, an internet with a huge amount of ideas, and your users who are hungry to read more about you. There is just no excuse not to keep up on your channels.

4.  Businesses think social media doesn’t work.

I have heard business owners say, “no one has come into my business because I posted on Facebook, I know because I ask.”  They are asking the wrong question. Rarely does anyone go to a business for any one reason right? You went because you friend wanted to meet you there, you went because you were in the neighborhood, or you went because you are looking for something special. Social media will keep your brand in front of them, make them love you more, and make it easy for them to share you with their friends. Instead ask your customers if they are following you or if they will. Then watch your social feeds and business grow.

5.  They do not do social feeds socially.

The best way to understand how all these social feeds work is to use them like your prospective customers do. It will give you insights that you can’t get any other way. You’ll see trends, what people are interested in posting and reading, what annoys readers and more.

Avoid these social media mistakes and you will be well on your way to successfully using these feeds to bring in customers.

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