New Years Resolutions for 2014

Last week in a meeting, I asked all my coworkers to tell me what their New Years resolution is for 2014. I am happy to report that most everyone had one for this post. I am a firm believer in New Years resolutions. I believe it is an exciting way to start each year. Way back in 1996 I actually made a New Years resolution and kept it. Since then I have always tried to pick one that I can keep. I consider myself a sort of amateur expert on resolutions so here are my co-workers resolutions and my advice on how they can keep them up all year.

Matt, our business account executive is planning to start Cross Fit. As a decorated Marine, I do not think this is out of his league at all. My advice, get up early, and just do it! You got this.

Justin, our President, wants to be able to do a handstand in 2014! Justin is clearly in great shape, this is just mind over matter! Justin just put your hands on the floor and kick your legs up and presto, your New Years resolution is done!

Joe, or as he is known around our office, SEO-Joe wants to get in better shape. He has already been eating healthier, and going to the gym so, SEO-Joe you are on your way! Just keep it up!

Andrew, our account strategist, wants to ride unicycle circles around Alvin. If you have ever stopped by our office, you might have noticed that IMI Vegas has a unicycle in the office. Every so often, to break up the day we bring it out and take turns riding it. Andrew is already pretty darn good at riding it. I guess we just need to somehow trick Alvin into sitting in the middle of a room. I’ll help you Andrew. Let’s put our heads together and figure that out.

Erica is our fantastic office manager. She has an amazing year planned as she is growing a little bun in the oven. She just wants to take vitamins and keep herself healthy. Erica is extremely health conscious as it is, so I do not think she needs any advice from me, just a congratulations!

Alvin is the general manager here at IMI Vegas. He wants to star in an action movie in 2014. For some people this might be a pipe dream but not for Alvin. He rides a motorcycle, makes us all do acrobatics in the office (and not just easy stuff), the unicycle is his, and I believe he has like 3 jobs on top of owning his own yoga studio! He is pretty much already an action hero so, my advice; just start filming your life Alvin!

As for Chris, our resident code monkey,  he somehow got out of having to tell me his New Years resolution, which is pretty tricky since I sit right next to him when we work in the office. He is pretty good at distracting me with stories about his vast collection of shoes, and crazy pictures of him doing handstands, arm balances and twirling fire. So might I suggest he costar in Alvin’s action movie?

As for me, IMI Vegas’s social media specialist, I just want to have a magical year! You might think I am wimping out because I am not being specific enough but, that is how I always keep my resolutions! I pick something that I know will likely already happen and just do a little bit to keep things steering in that direction.

That is it. All of us have our work cut out for us. Good luck team! I know 2014 is going to be amazing for each of us and IMI Vegas! Stay tuned for IMI Vegas’s New Years resolution in a future post. As a company we have big plans!

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