Holiday traditions from the IMI Vegas Team


IMI Vegas Holiday

It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are here and our days are filled with shopping, parties, decorations, food, family and friends. This year, the IMI Vegas team shares what they have planned over the holidays. Everything from family traditions to the food they eat and where they go.

Charlie Hanks, Digital Account Strategist

For the past six years Charlie has hosted a big Christmas Eve dinner for her group of friends. This way those who are away from their family can join in the holiday spirit. Charlie prepares everything herself and likes to cook a traditional Christmas meal of pot roast, ham and mashed potatoes.

Kri Edholm, Director of SMBG Accounts and Production

Kri has a yearly tradition of going to her sister’s house for a big party the Saturday before Christmas. Family and friends attend the celebration every year. The holiday tradition has been going on for 10 years and is still going strong. There is no gift giving at this party. According to Kri, “it takes the stress away and it’s all about spending time with each other.”

Chuck Maddox, Director of Business Development

Chuck is excited to be giving his nine month old son his first Christmas present. Chuck also will be attending Nevada Ballet Theatre’s The Nutcrakcer with his family. Hanukkah also plays a big part in Chuck’s holiday traditions. Each night he and his family have gone to a different family member’s or friend’s house for a festive dinner.

Destiny Johnson, Social Media Specialist

Destiny goes to church on Christmas Eve every year. Then on Christmas morning she and her family take turns opening gifts one at a time and her mom cooks breakfast for the family right after. Following breakfast her family likes to stay in and watch Christmas movies the remainder of the day. This year Christmas will be a little different. This Christmas Eve and Christmas day Destiny will perform in Dirk Arthur’s Wild Illusions at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on the Vegas Strip.

Steffan Hernandez, SEO Specialist

Steffan celebrates at his mom’s house on Christmas Eve. The big celebration involves lots of food, drinks and opening presents at midnight. On Christmas day he spends time with his in-laws, relaxing and watching Christmas movies. This year, Steffan is going to Disney Land with his wife and four- year-old daughter after Christmas.

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