5 Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office During the Winter

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With winter coming up and the weather getting colder outside, it is the time that everyone in the office starts getting colds and flus! Here are 5 tips to keep yourself healthy, as well as your co workers, during the upcoming winter season.

1.  Drink plenty of water

I am sure you have heard this one many times. There is a reason for that. Your body is made up mostly of water and needs it to run its important daily functions. During the cold months you are more susceptible to colds/flus and those typically start with your lungs. Staying hydrated will help keep your lungs from getting dry and support your body. Having trouble getting all that water down? Put some lemon juice or fresh fruit in your water for a tasty alternative.

2.  Wear a scarf

Notice how you pop your collar up to protect your neck on a windy day? There is a reason for that. It is important to keep your neck and chest warm and covered on windy and cold days. Wearing a scarf to and from the office will protect you from the elements outside, as well as provide you with a fashionable accessory.

3. Get 6-8 hours of sleep

Getting enough sleep helps your body recover from the work day and get ready for the next one. It also helps lower stress, reduces the risk for cardiac diseases and has benefits for your skin. They call it beauty rest for a reason!

4. Reduce stress

The onset of stress can lower your immune system and leave you open for catching bugs going around the office. Make sure to take small breaks, drink tea, stretch during lunch, meditate, or do anything that helps you relax during the day and when you get home.

5. Eat healthy

Now is not the time to skip lunch because you are busy. Supplying your body with nutrients it needs will help it to fight off infections and keep your immune system in good condition. Still on a time crunch? Organize to have food delivered with other co workers, keep healthy snacks at the office, and pack lunch the night before.

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