5 Tips on How to Create Useful Video Content for Small Businesses

Video is the future of the Internet and content marketing.  According to Cisco, global consumer internet video traffic will be 69% of all consumer’s Internet traffic in 2017. Over one billion unique visitors watch videos on YouTube per month. Despite common beliefs, Video content marketing is not for big businesses only. As modern technology has drastically transformed over the past decade it has lowered production costs. Small businesses can now reach a larger audience with video than if they stuck to traditional marketing methods.

Here are five ways to make video content marketing successful for small businesses.

1. Have a Goal at the Beginning

Unless you happen to get amazing footage of an African crocodile and a lion playing tug of war with a baby water buffalo on a South African Safari, you’re going to be better off creating video content with a goal in mind during pre-production.  What are you creating a video to accomplish? Get leads? Sell a product? Determining a destination at the beginning allows you to focus on reaching that goal during production. Ask yourself along the way, is each shot contributing to the goal?

2. Know Your Audience and Build Corresponding Call to Action

Knowing their audience will allow small businesses to make their video resonate most effectively.  Don’t waste resources creating uninteresting content if it’s not going to be engaging to your target audience.

3. Optimize your Video Content for Search Engines

Since search engines don’t yet have the ability to discern the content in a video, including a transcript, meta-descriptions and keywords on the webpage code will enhance the SEO coverage that allows search engines to find your content.

4. Plan How to Capture Leads

Whether it be landing pages, tracked phone numbers, email gates or a plethora of other options, make sure you’re able to capture lead information to measure conversions and see the effectiveness of your video content marketing campaigns.

5. Tell a Story

Probably the most important piece of information is to tell a story. Pull at the emotional strings of your audience and create a response that is beneficial to your business. People are moved by stories, not facts, not statistics, it’s why people still read things like the Iliad. It’s how brands can connect with consumers in a way that matters to the consumer.

Video content marketing is starting to be more relevant for companies, so understanding what to do is absolutely necessary. Learning how to create video content for your business will increase traffic to your website and convert leads into sales.

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