5 Things to Look for when Choosing an SEO Agency

Although the term SEO (search engine optimization) is anything but new, it is still a practice that is somewhat taboo for modern business owners.  Many understand the importance of implementing an SEO strategy, but a lack of knowledge leaves otherwise trusting and eager owners susceptible to bad business practices that undermine the work of trusted professionals in the industry.  Here is a list of some of the qualities you can look for to qualify the competence of your current or potential SEO firm.

1.  There is a Detailed Plan that Doesn’t Include Wild Promises

While ranking high in Google is the ultimate goal of any good SEO agency or professional, making a flat-out promise to get your website ranking #1 for a specific term within a given time frame is just misguided and aimed towards selling you on the service.  What many companies that employ this tactic also fail to mention is which term they can get you ranking for.  Almost any company that has a unique brand name can rank #1 in Google for their name quite easily.  So if you’re a company that produces quality linens in San Diego named Sublime Luxury Linens for example, getting you ranked for your company name would be much easier than getting you to rank for a more searched, non-branded term like “linens San Diego.”

What you should look for is an agency that lays out a dedicated plan-of-action that shows a realistic path towards continued growth.

2.  Transparency

Your brand is everything to your company.  While there are certain aspects of search engine optimization that can be worked on without constant client approvals, you also don’t want an SEO firm putting your name across the web without letting you know which channels they are using to promote your content.  Too many times after a bad experience, companies admit that they never knew what kind of work was being done for them.

3.  Your SEO Specialist Wants to Take  Advantage of Your Knowledge

A good SEO specialist keeps their clients in the loop on anything pertinent to the campaign, and wants client interaction to help maximize strategy.  Nobody knows your company and marketplace better than you.  Your specialist should want to take advantage of your knowledge and work closely with you to get the best results possible.

4.  You are Given Access to All Analytics Data

This one should be a no-brainer, but time and time again companies are withheld from important login data to see their site’s performance by untrustworthy companies.  Think about it, if a company is performing solid for your business, wouldn’t they want you to see your Google Analytics data?  A confident SEO agency should have nothing to hide from their clients.  While this technically goes hand-in-hand with transparency, many SEO agencies claim to be transparent by providing their own tailored documents to choose which information to present a client.

5.  Your SEO Company has a Strong Online Presence

Having a strong online presence doesn’t necessarily mean that the company that you choose should be #1 in Google for “local SEO company.”  There are many agencies out there big and small all competing for any non-branded, organic-related terms in your city, so a good but smaller company could potentially get lost in the shuffle.  But it is important that a qualified internet marketing team has a professional-looking website that has all the right pieces and implements the same strategies that they are trying to sell you on.  You probably wouldn’t trust an auto mechanic that was driving around in a barely functional car.  The same level of thinking should be applied to choosing an SEO agency.

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