5 Hot Facebook Trends

If you are a Facebook junky like me you will notice that everything on Facebook comes in waves. There will be an article that tickles the love bug in all my friends they will all share and tag their husbands. Sure it is annoying but interesting at the same time. Here is a snap shot of what is hot on Facebook right now. A list that will likely be out of date by the time I finish writing it. Then it can be a walk down a social media memory lane.

1. Bitstrips. My estimate is this trend will end faster than it came but it is cutely annoying while it lasted. Download the app, make an avatar, and add yourself to a wide selection of stupidly irrelevant comics to post to Facebook. Watch half your friends make fun of you and the other half hide you from their feed because they cannot stand to look at another Bitstrip.

2. Photos with inspirational quote on them. Almost as popular is the comment under the picture with a link to snopes.com telling you that the guy who got credit for the quote never actually said it.

3. Punishing your friends with impossible riddles and then turning them into giraffes. Oh, I hope this trend does not go away too soon! Where else do you have such magical powers?

4. Needy cries for attention. They annoy me to no end but have a done it? Well yeah, we all have, admit it. The worst one (and I will never do it, I promise) is “I’m cleaning out my friends list. If you want to stay my friend, answer this questionnaire”. Another is the post that say, I am such a great friend, I love all you Facebook people, like this and share if you REALLY like me.” Ugggh!

5. A million birthday wishes on Facebook. In no other time in history was there some many reminders of people’s birthdays as on Facebook. So these days, a few strokes of your key board you can actually look like you didn’t forget your best friend’s birthday again. Amazing. Thank goodness for Facebook right?

There are millions more trends on Facebook and other social feeds and I am excited to tackle them all in future posts. So stay tuned and feel free to post suggestions of annoying, funny and maddening trends on all the social channels.

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