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Why Choose IMI Vegas?

  • Data-driven & ROI focused
  • Enterprise expertise for small-to-medium businesses
  • Customized solutions to meet client needs
  • Dedicated account strategist
  • All work is completed in Las Vegas
  • Industry pros in every area of expertise
  • Backed by a world-class Enterprise level agency, Internet Marketing Inc.

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Why Choose IMI?


Internet Marketing in Las Vegas

IMI Vegas was founded on the principle that small- to medium-sized businesses should be able to have the same full agency experience as any enterprise-level corporation when it comes to digital marketing. Unfortunately, many businesses find that having a lower budget also means less care and attention. IMI Vegas provides each account with an account strategist and dedicated project managers. We set ourselves aside from other online marketing firms by allowing our clients to “join our team” at the start of our campaigns – giving them full control over how much or little involvement they have in everything from strategy to implementation and reporting. Our team is made up of experienced professionals that are passionate about the local community, but that have enough expertise to serve clients around the globe.

The Roots of IMI Vegas

IMI Vegas is a part of Internet Marketing, Inc., one of San Diego’s fastest-growing companies. We carry over those same values and expectations from our parent company to deliver our clients the best strategy available based on current trends and best practices. When it comes to online marketing, our company creates a strategy that is future-proof by being 100% in line with the guidelines set forth by major search engines in regards to organic online marketing. It is always our goal to keep our clients as long as they choose to engage in digital marketing, but we are also careful to ensure that we aren’t performing at standards that could potentially harm them further down the road.

Our Core Values

Our core values mirror that of Internet Marketing, Inc. and help to create the mood for how we function as a business. Everything from our attitude, expression and decision making processes are sculpted by these values.

  • Teamwork: a constant stream of support and motivation for every member of IMI Vegas and Internet Marketing, Inc.
  • Everyone Has a Voice: each of our team members has a unique and valuable perspective that we view as an asset, regardless of rank or position
  • Excellence: a desire to excel and constantly be driven by the potential to eclipse our own expectations as a team and individuals
  • Attention to Detail: always performing with a heightened sense of awareness about the impact of each of our actions – both big and small
  • Growth: from a company, team and personal development standpoint
  • Balance: finding balance in life that helps us to achieve personal and professional wellness and harmony

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Our Team